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Aislin Terry (Aislin) Mosher ~ The Cartoonist's Penetrating Eye
The best cartoonists see the absurdities of the world more clearly than most of us. Few cartoonists have a more penetrating eye than Terry (Aislin) Mosher. “He has skewered our politicians, celebrated our heroes, punctured pomposity and shattered taboos,” writes Marian Scott of the Montreal Gazette. Celebrating 50 years as Canada's leading editorial cartoonist, Terry Mosher comes to Knowlton to share his insights into his craft, people and politics. For his exceptional contribution to Canadian life, in 2002, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Bose Rana Bose ~ Mystery in a Dead Man's Paintings
The unseen mysteries of life provide the setting for many great thrillers. In Rana Bose's The Fourth Canvas, we discover the clues to a possible future collapse of civilization in the paintings of a drowned Parisian painter. Soon the tale works its way onto a global canvas. Bose's own life, lived in many cultures, gives him the foundation for such a tale. Playwright, poet and novelist, Rana Bose was born in Kolkata, India. He now lives in Montreal. His plays have been performed across Canada and in India. The Fourth Canvas is his second novel.

Fortier Anne Fortier ~ The Craft of Writing
Many adults are writing a book for the first time. To help new writers, Anne Fortier, a master story teller, will conduct a writing workshop for adults. Her first novel, Juliet was a New York Times bestseller. Her second book, The Lost Sisterhood, is a complex tale that weaves the modern academic world into the ancient time of myth and the Amazons. Fortier is a co-producer of the Emmy awarding-winning documentary Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia. Born in Denmark, she now lives in North Hatley.

Gibson Douglas Gibson ~ 150 Years of Great Canadian Storytellers, 1867-2017
Many people think that writing a book is difficult. Those who have completed a book know that getting it published is often a harder task. Our entertaining keynote speaker, Douglas Gibson is a Canadian publishing icon. Formerly president of McClelland and Stewart, Gibson has shepherded Mavis Gallant, Paul Martin, Robertson Davies, Hugh MacLennan, Pierre Trudeau, Alice Munro and many other leading Canadian authors through the publishing process. Alice Munro wrote about his definitive book, Stories About Storytellers, that it was her “prize read for people who are interested in books.”

Hamilton Ian Hamilton ~ Life and Death in the Triads
The global power of Chinese Triads is the context for Ian Hamilton's thrillers. At great risk to her life, Ava Lee, a gay, Asian-Canadian forensic accountant, tracks down fiscal misconduct in various exotic locations. Hamilton's ninth, and new book, The Couturier of Milan, takes Ava into the dark underworld of the global fashion industry and the machinations of the triads. A former business man and journalist, Hamilton began writing later in life when Ava Lee invaded his dreams. Mr. Hamilton is our special guest at Sunday brunch.

McKay Sharon Mckay ~ Teens in a World of Conflict
Following this theme of awakening by reading, what about teens? Sharon McKay, a war artist and the author of a number of acclaimed novels for young adults, delivers on this challenge. “Writing for kids,” she has said, “is the hardest thing there is...You're allowed one boring bit, but that's it.” Her novels are set in conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Uganda and Israel. Sharon McKay won the 2009 Arthur Ellis Award for War Brothers (now a graphic novel) and has received numerous awards for her fiction and non-fiction.

Morrissey Donna Morrissey ~ Crime in a Close-Knit Community
As Three Pines readers know, crime novels are best enjoyed in a cultural context. Donna Morrissey has written six novels set in coastal Newfoundland communities. Sixty pages into the recently published The Fortunate Brother, a corpse washes up on shore and the story turns into a murder investigation with the community rallying around the main suspect. Her first novel, Sylvanus Now was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writer's Prize, and she received a Gemini nomination for best writing for the film Clothesline Patch.

Stinson Children's author Kathy Stinson ~ Meet the Author of “Red is Best”
Kathy Stinson will give a reading to the young people in the audience and offer practical suggestions to their parents and grandparents. She will also offer three workshops to all the pupils of Knowlton Academy. Stinson is the author of 14 picture books, 12 novels, 5 non-fiction books and a collection of short stories. She is author of the acclaimed picture book Red is Best, now in a 25th Anniversary Edition, and of The Man with the Violin, brilliantly illustrated by Dušan Petricic which has received 24 awards and nominations since its publication in 2013.

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