2018 ~ Schedule and authors

2017 ~ Schedule and authors

Elizabeth Copeland
(Jazz) Ms. Copeland conducted a very well-received two-part writing workshop. Participants: "Informative and wonderful", "Enjoyed every minute". They loved her and want her back. She is, as a matter of fact, following up with her enthusiastic new writers.
Michael Crummey
(Sweetland. Galore. Little Dogs) Novelist and poet, Mr. Crummey fascinated his listeners with stories and poems which made Newfoundland come alive for us mainlanders. Be sure to watch the YouTube selection of his highly entertaining on-stage conversation with Michael Winter.
Derek Grout
(Thunder in the Skies) Mr. Grout led participants through the harrowing experience of a Canadian gunnery unit in France during WWI. With excruciating statistics and detail, he reminded us of the horrors of the so-called "Great" War. A sobering conclusion to the 2016 Festival.
Trevor Ferguson aka John Farrow
(High Water Chants. City of Ice. Seven Days Dead) Mr. ferguson recounted his surprising and often challenging life as a writer to an appreciative audience during our annual Sunday brunch at Le Relais. His decision to pursue a career as crime writer John Farrow has not meant that he has abandoned the subtleties of literary composition.
Julia Spencer-Fleming
(In Bleak Midwinter and subsequent Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne novels). She delighted her audience with the story of how she became a crime writer then went back to the Auberge Knowlton to work on her ninth novel.
Anne Fortier
(The Lost Sisterhood) In her second appearance at the Festival, North Hatley author Ms Fortier charmed an attentive audience at Brome Lake Books with her account of her creative process and the challenges of film adaptions.
Marni Jackson
(Don't I Know You?) So what kind of music would you play if Bob Dylan showed up at your country cottage? In her first novel, Marni Jackson explored the comic possibilities of the "strange intimacy" we experience with celebrities.
Sharon Jennings
(Franklin's Big Book of Stories) She wowed over 200 children at Knowlton Academy with her lively and inspiring workshop on creativity. We expect that sooner or later her visit will have produced exciting work from fledgling writers.
Brian D. Johnson
(Al Purdy Was Here) We viewed the film recounting the life of legendary Canadian poet Al Purdy and his famous A-frame home on Roblin Lake in Ontario. Then Mr Johnson talked of his experience in making the film and his efforts in preserving the cabin as a writers' retreat.
Ross Murray
(A Hole in the Ground) Popular Townships newspaper columnist for the Sherbrooke Record, Mr Murray has proved himself a master of the comic. His mythical town, Beaverly, could be Knowlton, or any one of hundreds of small towns across Canada. Move over Stephen Leacock.
Alexandre Trudeau
(Barbarian Lost: Travels in the New China) A sell-out crowd flocked to Knowlton's Community Centre to hear documentary film-maker Trudeau's enthralling account of his visit to China. His talk cast new light on that complex and enigmatic country.
Michael Winter
(Into the Blizzard. The Big Why. Minister Without Portfolio) Newfoundland is really a rather small place, said Mr. Winter, but what he wants to do with his writing is to make it everywhere. With his extremely funny and often touching account of his writing life, he showed us how.


Mark Abley
Montreal Gazette journalist and author read from his latest book of poetry, The Tongues of Earth, New and Selected Poems.. As a participant said "His poetry brought tears to many of us".
Joseph Boyden
Author of the best-selling historical epic The Orenda opened the Festival with a powerful presentation regarding his life and the effect being an indigenous person had on him and his people. He talks from the heart and means every word. This is a voice that will not be silenced. And who knew he played harmonica? The full house was given quite a treat! Mr. Boyden was introduced by the Right Honourable Paul Martin.
Nadia Bozak
Author and professor, she led a two session writing workshop
The Practices and Pitfalls of Writing Personal Experiences.
Antony Di Nardo
Di Nardo
He charmed the attendees at the pre-festival launch of his newest book Roaming Charges.
Marie-Louise Gay
She worked her creative magic with the children of the local primary school
and held a Stella and Sam Tea Party with grandparents, parents and kids. She's the driving force behind beloved children's books featuring characters Stella and Sam, who even have their own TV show.
David Halton
Former CBC correspondant in Paris, London, Moscow and Washington,spoke of his life as a reporter and the life of his famous father via his recent book
Dispatches from the Front, The Story of Matthew Halton..
Helen Humphreys
Governor General award nominee, she read from her most recent novel The Evening Chorus.
Archer Mayor
Mayor Crime fiction writer, he captivated the full house at Le Relais after a sumptuous brunch, at the Festival's annual "Books and Brunch".

Peter Gzowski PGI Dinner for Literacy with keynote speaker Tom Harrington of CBC fame.

Theatre: Shakespeare on the Beach “Twelfth Night or What You will” by Repercussion Theatre.

Paul Almond, one of Canada's preeminent film and television directors, and now author
and storyteller presenting the “Alford Saga”.

Launch of "“Made in Quebec, A Culinary Journey” by Julian Armstrong,, longtime food writer for the Montreal Gazette.

Atelier d'éricture pour enfants avec Simon Boulerice, auteur des livres d'enfants et de jeunesse.

Terry Fallis, comic novelist and writer behind the TV series “The Best Laid Plans” with his newest novel “No Relation”.

A workshop for children with Jennifer Lanthier, author of “The Stamp Collector”.

Louise Penny,MC, author of the Gamache/Three Pines mystery series in conversation with
Johanne Seymour, author the Kate McDougall mystery series.

Michèle Plomer parle de sa trilogie sino-québécoise “Dragonville: Voyage sur deux continents”.

“Somewhere in France and the History of the Great War” with author Jennifer Robson with
a special guided tour of the BCHS Museum's tribute to the fallen of WW1.

Writing workshop with Linda Spalding, GG Award winner and author of “The Paper Wife” and
“The Purchase”. Books and brunch event with Spalding as well.

Peter Gzowski PGI Dinner for Literacy with keynote speaker the Hon. Bob Rae.

Theatre: Shakespeare on the Beach “Harry the King” by Repercussion Theatre.


Sally Armstrong, author and human rights activist
on her latest book “The Ascent of Women”

Suzanne Aubry parle de son livre “Les Irlandais et Québec: une histoire d’exil et de passion”

“Fifty Shades of Green: Sex, Plants & Gardens: with author and
Toronto Star gardening columnist Sonia Day

“From Wimple to Hijab: On Illustrating Quebec History”
with historian Peter Gossage

“What the Landscape Wants”: Poetry by Steve Luxton

“After it Rains”: Joe Singerman interviews fiction writer Bill Haugland

Fiction writing workshop with Man Booker prize nominee
Josip Novakovich plus an interview about his recent book
“Shopping for a Better Country.”

“La valise hantée” avec Richard Petit,
auteur et illustrateur de romans pour la jeunesse

“Cookies and Plasticine” with illustrator and author Barbara Reid, a workshop for children

“Meet the Fokker D.VII”, Knowlton’s historic WW1 airplane, with pilot and airplane buff, Ed Soye

Film: The Land has a Story for Everyone
Five Canadian writers journey North with Shelagh Rogers to the Torngat Mountains National Park
Introduced by Alison Gzowski

Theatre: Shakespeare on the Beach “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Repercussion Theatre of Montreal

+ Peter Gzowski PGI Gala in support of literacy with Chantal Hébert


The Rt Hon. Paul Martin in conversation with Joe Singerman

Terry Mosher on 40 years of political cartooning

Interviews with Felicia Mihali and Kim Thúy (in English)

Derek Booth on railway stations in the Townships

Michel Jean, journaliste et romancier

Louise Penny interviews Shelagh Rogers

Stanley Lake’s jazz with poets Marjorie Bruhmuller,
Susan Briscoe and Ann Scowcroft

+ Peter Gzowski PGI Gala in support of literacy with the Rt Hon Paul Martin


The Anxious Border: an international panel

Matthew Farfan on photographing the Québec/Vermont border

"Keep a Poem in Your Pocket", a workshop for children with Sheree Fitch

Interviews with Kathleen Winter, Kim Thùy (en français) and Anne Fortier

Atelier de bande dessinée avec Raymond Parent

Linda Leith on the rebirth of English writing in Québec

Kevin Tierney talks to Louise Penny about his film French Immersion

+ Peter Gzowski PGI Gala in support of literacy with Shelagh Rogers


Napier interviewing Louise Penny

Richard Scrimger on creating stories with children

Louise Abbott on raising barns in the Eastern Townships of Québec

Une conversation autour des mots avec Francine Ruel et Johanne Seymour

Wheredunnit? Writing the crime scene. A workshop with Louise Penny

Words and Music with Sarah Biggs, Amos Joannides and Ian Ferrier

Brian Busby on writing the life of John Glassco